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About Griffia

Hello and welcome to Griffia's Patreon!
Griffia is a free ARPG that is found on deviantART that started out on june 5th 2016!
You can learn more about griffia, its rules and more here!

To make it short, Griffia is a world filled with different type of Griffians like these. 

They differ in playable ranks and you can level them up, earn items and do activities! We encourage world building and character development and  many creative challenges! We host a bunch of different games, events and are working towards a big Questing system!

Right now we are in the middle of formatting information and finalizing the basic game and its rules! 

What would the support from patreon go towards?
Things like merchandise, Core for the groups and official accounts, More item art, more art of creatures and enviroments Official reference art and official comics!

We appreciate any type of support! Thank you so much for visiting and for being part of Griffia!

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