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A Classic Rock Guitar Lesson Every Week
per month
27 years of teaching guitar have taught me the essentials of what a student needs to learn to play 'classic rock' on electric guitar. Each lesson is a step closer to the goal of playing guitar in a band. And the lessons include learning classic riffs and songs, chords and scales, improvisation and solos.

- Receive a guitar lesson every week

Weekly live Q & A, all previous rewards
per month
Often a student wants to feel part of a group, and not like their learning to play guitar on their own. In this tier a student can study the lessons they receive every week and also be part of the online guitar group. 

I will be broadcasting every week answering questions live.

In this tier, student can submit their questions before the weekly broadcast and I will aim to answer all students's questions that week.

A student will be able to interact with other students in the FB group. But we ask that no students submit any post that are in any way negative. 

- Receive 4 guitar lessons per month

- Submit questions to live Q & As

- Access to live video answers to Q & As

4 x 1 hour 1-1 guitar lessons each month
per month
In this tier you will receive 1-1 lessons with Griff.

A student will receive 4 x 1 hour lessons every month. The lessons will be designed specifically to the needs of the student.

If you have big goals and want to achieve them as fast as possible, this is a proven system that Griff will teach you that will guide you towards and beyond your goals.

Please note there is only room for 5 student at this tier level.  Once the 5 lesson time slots have been allocated, all other students will be placed on a waiting list.




per month

About Griff the Riff

Hello, my name is Griff and I'm a musician. I've been playing guitar since I was 14 years old and while at school I got the nickname 'Griff the Riff'. After learning to play the 'cello and playing in orchestras and concerts, my first gig playing electric guitar in a band absolutely blew my mind!
I couldn't sleep for 3 days after and I knew playing guitar music was all I wanted to do.

I've been playing guitar, singing and songwriting since then and after university, I became a professional guitar teacher.
Now, my day to day activities include composing, recording, playing gigs and teaching and if you can support me, it would give me great pleasure to help you with any of these activities if you need it.

If you're having trouble making progress on your own, or you want to achieve your goal faster, I have a proven system that comes from 27 years experience of teaching the guitar that will guiarantee you results. As long as you do what I teach you to do!

Thank you so much for visiting my patreon page! Your support means a lot!

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