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About Grigoriy Peppo

My art is heavily influenced by a strong reverence for the old master aesthetic. Drawings and paintings which are full of the vigorous and flowing marks that were so popular during the Baroque and Rococo eras. I try to adapt my style so that my work might also show this distinctive method of handling the brush and pencil. This approach is less focused on blending and tone, and more about line, accent, and characterization. 
By supporting my cause, you will help revive what I believe to be a style lost, but worth recovering.  My goal is to produce classical art in the mode of the Renaissance and Baroque masters. Using the medium of streaming I share my process with the world.
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With your monthly support, I will be able to provide quality art content on a daily basis.  Watch and interact with me while I rediscover and show how to draw and paint in the classic method.  Witness and learn how pieces of art come together, and how one develops and continuously hones his/her the skill necessary to execute such works.
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