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About Aaron Bentley

An open-sourced and offline complete virtual tabletop application

Who am I?
Hello! My name is Aaron, and I’ve spent the last year breaking down barriers in the virtual tabletop world to create a tabletop that doesn’t have any feature restrictions and delivers all the powerful features that are currently locked away by steep paywalls and invasive subscriptions.

GM Forge as its core, is a tool that allows you to take your inspiration as a GM, plan out an adventure path, play an adventure, and then once you are done, share the adventure with the world, so another group can come along, pick up your notes and make a break for the dungeon gates.

It’s a project brought to life by the shared vision of us patreons, to not only create a fully competitive virtual tabletop, but also to push the virtual tabletop realm space forward by doing crazy stuff like open sourcing the project and creating a full offline complete desktop application!

What is patreon?
Patreon is a Unique subscription service that empowers the people to directly support creative endeavors which saves the creatives time and energy that is better spent on their craft!

Without Patreon the world would be stiffer, and more corporate, Thankfully Patreon exists to allow support from fellow enthusiasts to pitch in and get involved to make awesome projects like GM Forge a reality!

Why do we need your support?
Because this project is ambitious and virtual tabletops are surprisingly more demanding to build than games! And in order for us to be able to drive head first into the unknown, we need to keep the furnace fired! With your support we can pay our monthly server fees, spend time curating and implementing user created scripts, and invest time and energy into programming new features!

Your support is entirely what keeps this whole flame burning, and the more excited and involved the community gets, the even brighter we can burn!

What do I get for supporting?
By supporting you are joining our team, and become a permanent part in this journey that started out with a level 1 programmer in his room alone, to hundreds of people playing and experiencing a new and fresh way to go dungeoning together! The even better part is, as this project grows other creators are empowered to create and share their tabletop experiences with you through our community sharing tools! It’s a great project, with great people, and you’ll be browsing thousands of the creative encounters and sinister plottings of other GMs! Who knows maybe you’ll even share your work!

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