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My name is Grim Wilkins and I've been making comics for over a decade. I have worked on my own self-published Ellipses and Love Story In The Woods, collaborative small press books like Petrichor and Cayrel's Ring, and bigger projects like Prophet Earth War (Image Comics). 

My most recent comic is a (mostly) silent book called MIRENDA. It tells the story of a woman who gets a supernatural creature trapped in her leg during a visit with a medicine man. Her quest to find an exorcist quickly turns into adventure, as she finds herself the target of bounty hunters, cult groups, and all manner of shady figures; all in a beautiful, constantly shifting fantasy world.

MIRENDA has very few words and the story is told almost entirely through the artwork. I have always wanted to make a comic that anyone could read, regardless of the languages they speak, and MIRENDA is that comic. The lack of words gives me plenty of room to experiment with new visual storytelling techniques, and I've been coming up with all kinds of neat stuff in the last few years.

(Such as this inverted word balloon from the fourth issue of MIRENDA)

Making MIRENDA really is a dream come true, and I want to do it as much as possible. I somehow convinced Image Comics to publish the first volume of MIRENDA, (in stores November 2018!) but in order to continue making the comic while paying my bills I need income from other sources.

This is where Patreon comes in: the MIRENDA Patreon will serve as a sort of subscription service to see new MIRENDA pages as they are completed. When I have no other projects to work on, I can get 2 MIRENDA pages done per week, sometimes a little more. But if other stuff comes up I will still try to get at least 2 pages done per month.

For a little more money you can get behind the scenes information about the world of MIRENDA. There are all kinds of little bits that never make it into the book, like backstories that I've written for characters whose names never even appear in the comics.

Other extras you could see are artwork that I'm looking at for inspiration, places I've read about that I want to sneak into the book, cool costumes, unused scenes -- and if I ever get a good camera holder/tripod setup I'll try and make some videos tooo.

Thanks a million!
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Get access to new Mirenda pages as they are created. Thanks a million!
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Get access to new Mirenda pages as they are created, as well as process art and sketches and the occasional process video
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Get all of the above, as well as a monthly Patreon-exclusive postcard/art print and occasional -SURPRISE- small original artwork. The postcard-sized prints will vary between risographs, screenprints, letterpressed pictures, and full color digital prints.


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Thanks a million! If we reach $1000 per month, I will make a Patreon-exclusive Mirenda mini-comic PDF and send it to all of my Patrons.
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