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On the other hand, THANK YOU in advance for your $1/month support where you can feel you don't actually have to subscribe in order to get anything, BUT I have taken the extra time and effort to research and assemble an unparalleled stable of PREMIUM, NO-TIER PERKS (the value of any one download exceeds the monthly contribution) for those who do. 



About JonJee


I've been hearing about Patreon for sometime via super content creators I follow regularly on other social media channels.  Now it's my turn.

Your support is greatly appreciated and much needed. Especially since 2 catastrophic, September 2017 hurricane's in the US Virgin Islands caused massive destruction to our home, injured our pets and totally wiped out my income. Power was restored to our home in mid-December 2017 and Internet to our home in mid January 2018 - 4 months after the hurricanes. 

To make a long story short, I have had a lot of time to think about things as the world passed us by and immediately undertook the HUGE task of developing the outside-the-box, "GABBIN' with Grizl Pete" concept to life by utilizing all of my multi-media creation and animation skills and software resources to attentively create and deliver fresh, innovative, engaging and entertaining video content - monthly to start.

So, on February 15, 2018 this Patreon channel was launched as both an effort to (selfishly) rebuild and as a responsible (unselfish) acceptance of the universal invitation to jump in as an independent, alter-ego media content creator to add a powerful opposing voice (albeit irreverent, controversial and humorous most of the time) to the anti-American mainstream news' total deviation from truth and objective reporting.

You will either love my creation, or you won't. But in either case I follow my patriotic, God-given conscience without compromise. To get a glimpse, please take just a moment and watch the Pilot Video for an overview of the new video talk format.

Okay, let's see where this goes.

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