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is creating live and recorded music, writing new songs/ Rebooting jazz, R&B
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About Group Karma Music-Karma Martell

My journey as a jazz and lyrical song vocalist and published singer-songwriter has taken me from the Edinburgh Festival to nightclubs and music venues, recording studios, and to Off-Broadway stages, including the Manhattan Theater Club. I have been privileged to work with many great writers, producers and musicians including Ned Ginsburg, Lesley Gore, Garius Hill, Bobby McFerrin and Chieli Minucci.

After a long hiatus with a lot of life circumstances “getting in the way,” I am finally making music again with some of my original Group Karma ensemble members, and planning to write and record again. I am approaching performing and interpreting jazz and the lyrical song from an entirely new perspective. My time “woodshedding” my voice and performance chops finds me emerging as a wholly different kind of butterfly. It is exciting, and I admit, a little scary to look at the music world anew. The trial balloon performances I have put out there have been so incredibly well received, though, that I know I am on the right track!

Your help is SO CRITICAL and SO APPRECIATED in helping me get back on my musical feet and build momentum. Expenses include paying band members, rehearsal studios, travel to and from gigs, out of pocket expenses, marketing and recordings.

The short term goal is to do a home studio recording within the next six weeks to put online for club and venue owners. The longer term goal is to do a record-quality professional recording, with arrangers, producers and guest side people which would get underway by or before the end of 2019.

More goals to follow as we hit the first marks!
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  • Create an entire CD worth of music with a pro producer
  • Go on our first tour!
  • Hire a promoter
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