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  All benefits of In-training tier also included! 




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About Growlmon

Growlmon.Net aims to help players have the best and most organized information to help them in Digimon Links. Growlmon always tries to improve on community feedback and make sure the visitors have the best user-experience on the website.

Growlmon is exploding thanks to all the of the passionate players and community members visiting it regularly. Although amazing, this does put Growlmon at its capacity limit sometimes already. So this Patreon is set up to feed digistones to Growlmon to make sure he can still serve every visitor.

Also keep in mind that although Growlmon has ads, they are only banners at the bottom of the page. We promise that we will not annoy users with pop-ups/unders, in-content ads and will maintain appropriate ads on the bottom of the page which can be easily blocked with an ad-blocker. This also means that those ads barely make a few cents per day.

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