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About GTK

The Gypsy Pagan Caravan National Holocaust Shrine of The Crossroads (Hekate Venus) was dedicated by the council of the native world religions called the church of the opposition. [église d'opposition, שָׂטַן, церква опозиції, Oppositionskirche] They represent the tribal indigenous religions of the first nations or first peoples. Called the people of the pagans path or collectively the pagan nation by AIM nations—currently they are considered the Pagan, Neo-Pagan and Wicca religions in the United States. The organization that started the drive to counting the uncounted religions in the United States as well as fighting for religious civil rights of sanctuary, safe passage and safe surrender in California 75+ years ago is represented here.

Please join us on our journey together to rediscover what our ancestors believed in the first nations and the first religions of our people.

All We All We Are Is Us
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