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About Guard13007

Making Video Games!

The primary reason I'm here! I've wanted to create video games for as long as I've had an idea of what I want to do. I'm still a student, but I've been programming for several years now, and have released a few simple games:

(Simple puzzle game about matching colors by modifying RGB components.)

(Short story about captaining a starship for the Twiny Jam.)

(Word search which asks you questions based on what you see. (Also for the Twiny Jam.))

Making Gaming Videos!

I also run a YouTube channel. I primarily focus on playing games I enjoy, but I also like to check out new games or show some of my old favorites, and post videos about my programming efforts.

(A main staple of my channel, I review player-created craft in Kerbal Space Program.)

(My favorite part of the channel, checking out new games or showing off old favorites.)

(And of course, there are videos about programming and my game development.)
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This will cover the server costs for my current projects and domain names, ensuring they remain available.
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