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Many thanks Guardian from all of us here at Guardians Studio for your support. We salute you!


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Welcome Brave Guardian! In addition to the previous rewards, you will be one of the very first ones to play Guardians | Dawn during Alpha testing. In addition, you will be able to see and contribute on the discussions and development of the game.


- Access to Alpha Testing of Guardians | Dawn

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You get the say Valiant Guardian! Along with the previous rewards, you will also get to choose a name for an in game characters!



- Name an in game NPC 

- Access to Alpha Testing of Guardians | Dawn

- Participate in Patreon content and polls

- "Valiant Guardian III" in game title

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Who are we?

Welcome to the Guardians Studio Patreon page. We are a humble game development studio for video games, board games, books, and merchandise. Run by Cergey Gordievsky, me and my wonderful team have spent the last couple of years writing and designing the world of Guardians. All of us have a special place in our hearts for the various games we've experienced over the years and we want to create our own to bring to the world. Let me show you our current game we are developing, Guardians | Dawn.


Guardians | Dawn is a free to play massive multiplayer online role playing game with the element of monster taming and a turn-based battling system. With your vast abilities as a Guardian and your Astra companions, you venture off to explore the vast mysteries of Caelum.

Guardians & Astras?

In the world of Caelum, there are Guardians, people who have the ability to bond with Astras.

Astras are mysterious creatures that were born from an Asteroid that smashed into the world of Caelum. There are four different breeds of Astras:

Dragon, Liger, Phoenix, and Titan. Each breed has eight elements: Flame, Nature, Aqua, Lightning, Wind, Scythe, Stone, and Frost.

The core of Guardians is the bond between you as a Guardian, and your Astra. You will have to raise your Astras through battle and care. Not only will your Astras have to grow, but so will you as a Guardian.

Guardians | Dawn is will be available  on PC, Android, and iOS devices soon!

Become a Guardian & help Guardians | Dawn come to life!

Become a Guardian through Patreon and join the Guardians community in helping Guardians | Dawn be realized. By joining and becoming a Patreon, you will get to see the game come alive and be part of the game making process. Since you will be part of the first supports for the game, you will obtain exclusive perks (check out the tier list for more information).Your support will go directly into helping my team of programmers and graphic designers create what is needed to not just help the game get started but become better and better. Any amount is truly appreciated and every dollar makes an impact

Thank you!

Whether you join just to check out the game or if you become a contributing Guardian or even if you make a small one-time donation, with all of our hearts, me and the Guardians Studio team thank you for joining our Guardians community in creating something truly special. None of this would be possible without the support of wonderful fans like you.

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Allows the steady creation of pieces for the game such as tiles, character sprites, animation, and programming.
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