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About Guerilla Tactics Entertainment

Guerilla Tactics Entertainment is the Swedish production company that has given you productions such as Alla Vägar Leder till Malmö (2011), Stoned Philosophy (2016), upcoming Ready 2 Die (2017) podcast and of course, Mary & I (2018).

Stoned Philosophy Ep.2 - TEASER

Since Guerilla Tactics are doing a fair share of cannabis related entertainment, getting traditional advertisers and funding has been practically impossible. We have relied solely on our own means and small, private donations to make our productions reach the surface. 

We're now kindly asking our viewers to help out if you can. We have some costs each month to cover in form of website & hosting, transportation, equipment etc.

If you feel like a donation is not enough and you by any chance feel like you wish to contribute more or possibly become an investor of our production company, please write our sales & marketing executive [email protected].

Thank you everyone that is contributing or spreading the word about our productions!

Note. We're working on appealing rewards for you as we speak. Keep an eye open... 

$0 of $50 per month
When we reach this goal we'll be able to start hosting Guerilla Tactics first website + shop.
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