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Welcome my friends!

Greetings 😊 my name is Guido van der Meulen. I’m married to my beautiful wife Astrid and we live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen. Music has always been my passion, my first love and, it will be my last. I dream about music and I breathe music...

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My good friend Valdi Sabev contacted me some time ago and told me about "Patreon". I was instantly hooked and really felt that this platform was the natural ‘next step’ for myself and my personal journey in music land as for a while now, I was pondering how to better monetize my work and allow me to reach the next level of my creativity in track-selection and blending tracks in to a perfect wall of sound for the listener. And then, Patreon came along and I observed that this platform really resonated with me because I was not actually asking for anything plus, I had a growing feeling that finally, THIS website/platform was the ideal way to connect and give people a great chance to help "Guido's Lounge Cafe" so I’m very pleased that with immediate effect, I can finally give my friends, listeners and "Patron" what they all deserve because of the faith shown in my work, I thank you all, sincerely. 😊

I feel that this is a great opportunity for me and all my friends who like to listen and support Guido's Lounge Cafe.

Now and in my minds-eye, I see this evolution of Guido’s Lounge Café as myself meeting my friends in a little cafe and joining you all for coffee, a chance to talk music and simply enjoy a great chat. Despite the technology now widely available, we are all human, after all, chuckles 😊

Indeed for the price of one cup of coffee a month you can become a Patron and as another kindred spirit who believes in the power of a love of music and friendship as after all, it was these shared character traits are which brought us all together in the first place lest we forget. 😊 See? That’s the power of music encapsulated right there in that last sentence.
So you see everyone, I believe in the Patronage model as we get to connect on a personal level and directly support the artists and creators whom bring such regular joy, beauty, and inspiration to our lives via their productions in music land. This has been the appeal to me of this platform, so I would like to now formally invite you to gather round and join me on a new aspect of the epic musical journey of Guido’s Lounge Café and even more so) truly experience the pure essence of Lounge, Chillout, Ambient and Downtempo music with me, Guido Van Der Meulen. 😊

Become a Patron and support me with $3 per month and as a thank you for your support you will receive these awesome rewards!

Exclusive Access to my full catalog of mixes (more than 350) that you can stream.

1 brand new mix from me every week.

1 brand new Ambient mix from me every month.

You get to directly support me as an artist and connect with me on a personal level.

I will give you all of the above and much more because I also have interesting new ideas that I plan to roll out via this platform up my sleeves which I’ll be telling you more about in the future.
I hope you’ll join me on board the Patreon my friend, let’s continue to make this journey together via this next evolution of Guido’s Lounge Café and this new musical platform.
Thank you, my friend.

Guido van der Meulen (Guido's Lounge Cafe)
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Become a Patron and support me with $3 per month and as a thank you for your support you will receive these awesome rewards! 

You get to directly support me as an artist and connect with me on a personal level.

Guido van der Meulen (Guido's Lounge Cafe

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let me see, if I reach 25 Patrons, I start to create special mixes that only can be found on Patreon and nowhere else. So you will be the only one who can listen, stream and download those mixes exclusively.

Let's make it happen!

Sincerely yours,
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