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About Guilded Age

Hello past, present, and future Guildies! Because you demanded it, we are now officially on Patreon!

Why are we running a Patreon, you ask? 

Let's get to a simple fact: Guilded Age has been running strong for over 6 years now, and while our business remains afloat and John Waltrip (the artist of Guilded Age) has been paid on time and consistently... yeah, your humble writers (T and Phil) haven't made a personal profit from the experience.  And while we love to publish books... it is incredibly expensive and our supplies are limited! "The Atoms Business" is turning out to be less profit than effort and is frankly, making it difficult to keep Guilded Age the priority in our lives that we want it to be!

So, essentially, this is to get T and Phil paid for the work that they do and will continue to do publishing the best damn fantasy comic in existence, and hopefully give the hardest-working fantasy artist alive, John Waltrip, a raise as well. 

We have lots of plans to turn subscribing to our Patreon into a rewarding experience for you, our dear readers, and they'll be developed as we go based on your feedback and requests. But check out the sidebar for what we've got so far, and if you subscribe, we are all ears on what else you'd like us to make for you!

Thanks so much for swinging by our Patreon page, and please consider subscribing for early ad-free updates, exclusive digital goods, Google Hangouts with your humble creators, and more!
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Guilded Age will update FOUR TIMES PER WEEK, either in the main story or with the brilliant return of Ask An Adventurer! (Choice determined by patron poll once milestone achieved)
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