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Fast paced, High Action Video game montages and awesome single plays!  YouTube is full of creators who post their video game exploits, but I'm different than most.  In addition to awesome snippets from my very own gaming, I also like to include help videos, and CATS!!!  Specifically, my cats who always amaze me and inevitably make people laugh.  You maybe asking yourself, why include the cats on a gaming video channel?  The answer is relief from stress, anxiety, boredom, and PTSD.  Online multiplayer video games can make people rage, trigger PTSD, and sometimes gamers just need a laugh.  I try my best to make the best quality videos as possible for my fan base which as of July 2018 has grown to over 600 subscribers.  Unfortunately, as a disabled veteran, I do struggle to keep up to date with the latest software editing, youtube publishing, and even video games to throw on the screen.  In YouTube olden days I at least made enough through monetization to get a new game and keep software kind of up to date.  Now, I'm looking for new ways to support and grow my channel.  Thanks everyone who has read this, feel free to check out the channel, twitter and facebook page.  A video intro will be uploaded shortly.
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My laptop is dying and won't let me run my preferred streaming programs - - Hopefully I'll start earning here to buy a better one and start more professional streaming looks and better edited montages.
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