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About Gun And Gunner

Howdy y'all Chris And Jordan from Gun and Gunner here. We wanna Thank you all for supporting our work. We truly love what we do and if it wasn't for all of you we would not be doing this. We are always grateful for any type of support. Whether you watch or videos, share them with your friends, and making sure you're subscribed. You guys are the best.

For us and many other fellow creators, YouTube has become pretty difficult in recent years. Videos being age restricted, copy right claims, and the ads being removed. We too have struggled with this. Videos that don't violate the community guidelines whatsoever are being age restricted and having the ads turned off. On Gun and Gunner we have no target demographic. We try to appeal to all age groups and stay family friendly. We know we have a lot of young viewers. While we do make some money from ad sense it really just doesn't seem to cut it. YouTube has been unable to respond to all the issues we face and as a result much revenue is lost.

For Jordan and I both, it's never been about the money. We've been doing this since 2016 and not until July of 2018 did we start earning. Money was never the motivation. The dollar sign doesn't make us happy. Creating, and waking up everyday to do what we love makes us happy. This channel truly is our biggest passion. Creating this videos and then sitting down and watching them once they are complete, and watching that magic come to life, always puts a smile on our faces.

Supporting us on Patreon is optional. We are keeping our tiers low because we don't wanna be asking for too much, and we don't want anyone spending too much on us. We hope that the channel can continue to grow and evolve. Any support would be greatly appreciated. 


& Jordan  
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