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About Gurlsims

Hello! I am a Sims Creator who wants to create! I love creating and will never stop creating, even if I don't get any Patreons. All of my sims creations will be free, however Patreon members will receive items earlier (only a week earlier) and maybe a surprise or two.

However, let's get some things out of the way first.
  • Sims items are not necessary! Don't spend your last on me! All items will be released on Tumblr, so just wait for it. I don't want your money if it means it's putting you out.
  • All Items are ORIGINAL! Meaning I spent the time creating and texturing the mesh, I do not support spending money on conversions. Anything that I have found from the web (not meaning SL or IMVU items, I will never put anything from those games up for download) that I have converted for S3 and S4 can be found on my tumblr Page!
  • Be Friendly. My inspiration is like the wind, therefore there may be times where production is slow. I'm not a factory, it will take me a while to get things done. Do not rush me! If I am going too slow for you, you are welcome to take your business elsewhere. I believe in quality and not quantity, so just remember that. 
  • High Poly Warning. I will always give a warning if something is high poly, just because I don't want your computers breaking down because of heavy loaded CC. However, what you download is up to you.
  • Someone might be making things that are similar or just blatantly the same as me!  That's okay! Inspiration is found in many places and I can't claim to be the only person to think of something. All I ask is that no one steals my meshes and puts them up for profit! If someone is offering the same thing as me for free, please go with the free one.
This is how custom meshing works.
Every month I will select, on a first come first served basis, 5 or 10 (depending on my mood, current workload, and current interest) people from the GURLfriends tier to create a custom mesh that will only be given to them. What they do with it from there is their business, as long as that person does not put it up behind ads.

Thank you for your membership and patience!