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is creating Percussive Dance Theatre pieces with a social impact
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About Gut Reaction (Percussive Dance Theatre)

GUT REACTION is a Percussive Dance Theatre performance company based in Berlin constantly creating new pieces and also touring abroad.

"Gut Reaction" is an English expression that indicates a reaction to a situation derived by a person's instinct and experience. MARCO RIVAGLI e GIULIA MANDELLI, both established professionals in their own artistic field, after many previous collaborations, give birth to the Gut Reaction at the beginning of 2015. The unique style that characterizes them, leads the audience on a journey into the most improbable imaginaries through an investigation where theatre, body movement, music and rhythm collide.

Energy, freshness, art and instinct are the heart of the project. Gut Reaction put on the market a new vision where the artist, the audience and the event organization collaborate in the creation of the show itself. Their work is SITE SPECIFIC: dramaturgy, choreography and music are composed specifically for the location. The duo, that has already performed many shows all over Europe, offers piéces for a very heterogeneous audience.

At the moment, after the of their first video ALCAEUS (Italy, 2015), having toured with 4MOODS (A piece on the subject of Autism) and Whole Blinded (On the relationship between science and religion), they are focusing on their new creation TopSkreen (Details will be unfolded!).

Info, Collaborations & Booking:
[email protected]
+49 179/85.24.963 (DE)
+39 340/96.95.339 (ITA)
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1. Creation of our new piece: TopSkreen!
2. Financing our next tour #fromberlintoitaly (May, 2017)
3. Making the Whole Blinded piece into a record (Vinyl)
4. Remunerate our collaborators that with their passion constantly work to make all of this possible throughout the year.
5. Constant research on new ways of expression
6. All Year Long promotion (Direct/indirect)
7. Contemporary Art Festival 
8. Instructional music and dance theater videos
9. Creating and maintaining a professional website
10. Providing free access to our local performances and being able to present our creations to those who can't afford it as well as places that allow us to sensitize a broader audience towards important social issues.
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