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About gwendybee

Hi, I'm Gwendy! I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator who likes bright colors, dramatic lighting, and glowy magic. I'm working hard to make this Patreon a fun place for supporters of all tiers to get cool stuff and hear a little bit more about how my work goes behind the scenes.

I'm honored to have your support, whether it's by liking and sharing my work, buying things from my store, or becoming a patron here. It means the world to me and I hope, with your help, I can keep doing what I love most!
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Sneak peeks and polls
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Thank you for your support!! At this tier, you'll get:

  • Access to the patrons-only feed with exclusive updates and sneak peeks
  • Painting walkthroughs and discussions
  • Patron-exclusive polls to help me pick my next illustrations
High-res wallpapers
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In addition to the patrons-only feed, at this tier, you'll get:

  • High-resolution desktop and phone wallpapers of all the art I've done each month
Coloring pages + wallpaper archive
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Art along with me! At this tier, you'll get:

  • A monthly coloring page from one of my recent paintings
  • The latest wallpaper pack AND access to all previous wallpapers
  • Access to the patrons-only feed and polls
$110 of $200 per month
At $200/month, I'll be able to devote more time to Patreon content -- more regular posts for everyone, and maybe more types of posts! (Videos? Walkthroughs? Blogs? A Patron chat/livestream?)
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