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Exclusive sneak peeks of new videos and songs I'm working on, and access to the special patrons Discord channel! $1 patrons also get any new single I release free of charge!

$1 patrons additionally get player priority when livestreaming & playing online matches on Twitch! (Nintendo Switch games are most common)

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I shall additionally thank you out of your kind generosity to have given me two extra dollars or more. :')

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I will do a slick jingle singing the names of the people that have chosen this tier, and often they will show up at the end of videos!

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You can request for me to make any kind of song you want me to from SCRATCH!* And I might even STREAM the making of it!!

And just to clarify, this tier ALSO includes all the perks of previous tiers.

*Song requests are for personal use only and cannot be used for public or commercial projects.

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About Garrett Williamson

Hi I'm a musician and filmmaker, and often times I'm both simultaneously through this magical thing called a music video. But more specifically, I make comedic and cinematic videos, and I am a musician doing many musical things: I'm a video game composer, an indie artist (either writing about things inspired by games or entirely unrelated), a mix engineer, and a producer. You can check out my YouTube channel by clicking this link or you can check out my SoundCloud by clicking this link. I also stream fairly often, and you can come join & hang out by clicking this link! 

Patreon is a great way to financially support me and my work. No matter what you pledge, it's all very helpful and I greatly appreciate your support!
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Every project's gotta budget, even if it's $5. They say quality over quantity but why not both? My work can improve in consistency AND quality with a higher budget.
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