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This tells me that I have some fans that wants to feed me. I don't want to ask for more than a dollar since my gift to you is me creating more art. If I create more rewards then it will interrupt my creativity. Multitasking is too much work for me and I tend to get distracted when I have a lot of work to do.




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About Gabrielle Xay Her

I am an introvert and I am not good at advertising my artwork. My prefer drawing medium is my computer. My style is anime/manga, realistic, abstraction, and fan art. With your support I'll be able to focus more on my art and use that to motivate me to draw more. I'll ask for no more than $1 per person per month.

Other facts: I do more than drawing but I want to focus on drawing. The avatar you see is photograph taken by me. Even the blur green banner is a photo, they call it action blur. Maybe I can mix my drawing and photography in the near future.

See my art in the link provided. (I haven't updates these art pages for a long time. My most active page is my facebook.) (digital drawings drawn in a web browser)

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