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About Gypsy Diner

Gypsy Diner is a travelling soup kitchen which provides free food and non-alcoholic beverages during festivals, the Boston Marathon, and the medieval reenactments.  We also distribute free condoms at multi-day events.

We began our work in 2008 at Pennsic with just four members, and over the years we've expanded our crew and the events we service.  Gypsy Diner formally organized into a nationally registered 501c3 charity in 2015.  The ongoing support of our fans and patrons has been amazing, and we thank you.

We have had many folks ask us for a more convenient way to donate to us, and to support us in years when they cannot attend events in person.  If you would like to set up a recurring patronage for Gypsy Diner, it will ensure that we have the funds to keep the doors open for many years to come.  

All donations to Gypsy Diner are tax deductible and you may use your Patron donation log as your receipt for your tax returns.
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Access to our Patron Only feed.  We'll use this to announce when we're open at events and what we're serving!  

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You'll get everything offered to our lower level Patrons, plus an exclusive "Gypsy Diner Patron" mini flashlight.
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