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Thanks for your love and support it means the world to me.
To be honest making new videos often costs me more money and time to create than I get in adsense for the video.  I love making them and if I hear correctly you kind of like watching them too.  

I am asking for your support to help keep me creating and the channel going.  Without your help I'll need to get a normal job, which would mean no time for vids.

Thank you & God bless

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* My deepest appreciation for your support.  I can only continue creating videos with your contribution.

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Thank you so much

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* Everything from the previous tier plus

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Oh my goodness you are amazingly generous, thank you.

For being part of the GOLD tier as a token of my appreciation you will get:

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* An ebook of the 'The Deep Enders', a novel by David Reardon

* Early access to my videos (24 hours before the rest of the world).

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My style of crazy sweet creation videos with spoken instructions take a long time to film and edit.  Apart from the time costs they also of course require ingredients and filming gear (eg: a new light bulb for my filming light costs $84USD).

In the past all of these expenses were covered by YouTube paying adsense.  Now due to algorithm changes often the adsense for a new video is not even covering the ingredient costs.

At this level of support I will be able to continue uploading fortnightly to the How To Cook That youtube channel.
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