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***The Bronze Award***

My thanks for being a ledge and joining my patreon! Really it means a lot to have you guys here supporting me! You also get access to my videos a week before they officially come out on YouTube publically! This level also gives you access to the 'Patreon Only' part of Discord where everything goes down!

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*** The Silver Award ***

HAIGHYORKIECHILLED: Giving $5 a month means a lot to me. It helps me run a Patreon Server for Minecraft which, at this reward tier, you now have access to! All details will be going through Discord for this reward so please make sure you have it installed on your chosen device and we'll get you on your way ASAP!

Both sets of fans will also get access to previous tiers

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*** The Gold Award *** 

HAIGHYORKIE: You will get added into the FM series with a player in the youth ranks with your name! Make New Waltham great again! Every youth intake day i'll post a screenshot in Discord....first come first served. Also please use normal names to preserve authenticity in the save! If you youth player retires or disappears from the game then we will just replace you with a new one that same year :)

HAIGHYORKIECHILLED: You've enetered the GOLD tier and for that many thanks are in order. In any future series where names can be added this is where you guys come in. Be it RimWorld or The Sims or anything that can be customized a post will be put on discord and you can get your name in the game....first come first served but usually there will always be enough put into the game to cover everyone so dont worry!

Both sets of fans also get all previous tiers

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About Haighyorkie

If you have found your way to this page you possibly already know what I do. I currently have 2 YouTube channels. Haighyorkie and HaighYorkieChilled.
Haighyorkie is where i'm at my most pent up, Fifa, Football, Football Manager, Epic Moans about anything and everything, Football reviews, all sorts of sports related stuff can end up on here!
HaighyorkieChilled is where I put all my anger away, relax and play games, mainly Minecraft. I do  a lot of spotlights for various Minecraft Mods and generally have a fun time!
If you can support me along in this journey I can strive to improve what I have available to me and that can only be great news for the Haighyorkie channels!
$93 of $200 per month
This is my first goal. It helps keep my head above water in real life and gives me the opportunity to get more recording done.
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