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About The Broken Piano

Who we are
We are band of two, brother and sister, with a unique sound forged from a highly trained musician and a self taught composer/audio engineer. Hailey the classically trained yet uncommonly talented artist of music, dance, and word.  Dane, the passionate composer of sound Film and Music.  There combined talent's form "The Broken Piano" 

What is this Patreon Thing Anyhow?
Patreon is a service, similar to Kickstarter, or Indiegogo that provides a way for creators to fund projects in a none traditional means. Unlike kickstarter, instead of looking for a large sum of money to kick start a project into existence, Patreon supporters are patrons of the arts. providing ongoing support for existing projects.

a patrons support helps small time artists bring creations to life that without them, would never exist, or might die off quickly.

The contributions are subscription based, meaning that the sum donated by a patron is
subtracted from there account every month

In exchange for there support, patrons can gain access to things like early video releases, music downloads (for anything we own the rights to) and so much more!

As a side note, patrons of the arts have been proven, in none scientific labs, to posses
higher IQs, are more sophisticated, kinder, and better looking then the average person.

What we do
We explore the musical world from covers to creating our own musical adventures. Every Thursday we share one of these musical endeavors with the world.   you can be part of these creations through your support here!

Whats in it for you?
With your support we will create more and more complex pieces of auditory delight.  We will improve the quality of our video productions and make them more interesting with new places, ideas and cool stuff. We will also compose and release original music, not just covers. You as a supporter will get early access to all of it

Supporters get access to our original videos before anybody else does!

If you support us you get access to a ton of exclusive content, Patron only downloads, early access to our videos, and so much more!

$0 of $100 per month
If we can get at least $100 in contributions it will provide motivation and a sense of purpose to the team! We will know that our work is valued by the community, and that we are not singing alone to ourselves in the basement.  As a bonus we will record a couple of extra songs that will be exclusive to our contributors here on Patreon to help celebrate your awesomeness!

We will use this money to maintain equipment, replace dying batteries, and feed our starving team discount gronala bars on long recording days
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