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About Half Gringa

Oh hey there, friend, fan, fam, or general music enthusiast!

As you can see, I have started a Patreon. Mostly because while I am learning a lot slash doing a pretty solid job of managing myself as an artist in addition to making the songs and singing them, I am not getting a ton of real actual money with which to cover things like cost of living in Chicago, gear repair, merch, marketing, graphic design, production, gas money, car rental for tour, rides to shows, etc etc etc. However, I am also really excited to keep more deliberate track of weird little odds and ends (lyrics, iPhone memos, videos, poems, visual inspiration) that I've accumulated from previous projects and ones that are currently in progress. I want to share those things with you! The journey is the object, you know?

Do you want to see or hear some of that? Are you wondering what stuff I'm reading on a weekly basis? You wanna see the contents of old journals? Read about my adventures in skincare? Look at some doodles I did? Hear about stuff I've learned while stumbling around with a small candle in the vast darkness of "The Business" or whatever? 

For some background: 

Half Gringa is the songwriting project of Izzy Olive. An emotional scab-picker, her work explores the confluence of Latinx and Midwestern identity. Her first LP, Gruñona, reveals a palimpsest of wounds upon scars. Contemplative and choleric, all manner of memorials to the past are revealed—mountains, dive bars, orchards, trains, expressways, tiny kitchens, Chicago, Caracas, and outer space. Simultaneously boastful, scathing, forgiving, and hopeful, Gruñona confronts the human ache of wanting and curse of taking. It recognizes that an identity is a journey that names you. 

I am currently touring various cities in the Midwestern region and beyond. I am also embarking on my next project—a set of songs revolving around the experience of grief and different types of loss.

I've got some incentives listed in the sidebar—if you feel like throwing a couple bucks a month towards seeing some paraphernalia, I'd appreciate it! If you can and want to do more, the incentives are stranger and more elaborate!

Your support and love keep me on the road and in coffee and sandwiches. Thanks for helping me to continue doing the thing I love that is also my job. 

$27 of $500 per month
Five hundred dollars per month covers the work I do on tour booking and promotion, plus covers gas and car rental for a long weekend tour. I'm trying to do one of these every month for the foreseeable future!
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