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Greetings everyone! My name is Hallowtide and I'm a creator of artwork, writing, and witchcraft content!

I have been an artist and writer ever since I was a child; creating worlds and characters out of my imagination and bringing them to life through traditional or digital artwork. I consider myself to be both an artist and writer equally and although my focus has shifted to creating primarily digital artwork, I can still work with pencil, ink, watercolors, oils and acrylics if the inspiration strikes. I love bringing my various creatures, characters and worlds to life and I hope to share this creative process with you!

One of my goals is to complete a novel sometime in the future. I have so many stories and ideas in my mind that I'd love to bring them to life on paper to show the world someday. My writing tends to focus on mainly fiction: creating sci-fi, fantasy, and even some horror. I have quite a collection of unfinished stories that I would like to see completed one day.

Lately my interest has been involved in the study of secular witchcraft. I love to study nature, astronomy, geology, herbalism and folk practices. What this means for you is I will personally craft sigils - symbols of intent - as well as custom spells and post them up here on Patreon for you to use or enjoy. If you decide to become one of my patrons through the $5 tier and up, I will give you a password to my personal grimoire to peruse at your pleasure! It will include a massive amount of information on spells, sigils, astrology, divination, herbalism, correspondences, rituals, tools and more!

My dream is to quit my day job so I can immerse myself fully into creating artwork, writing stories, and designing witchcraft content for all of my supporters. With your help, I will be able to accomplish that and have fun in the process!

Thank you for stopping by my page!

* Please note that witchcraft content is for entertainment purposes only.
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When I reach $2,000 per month, I will be able to quit my day job and devote my time entirely to creating artwork, writing and witchcraft content. I will be able to start on one of my novels and preview parts of it here on Patreon! This will all be thanks to your generous support of me and my creative endeavors. Thanks!
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