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 Previews of Drawings, Videos, lore and backstory to some of my characters and MAP parts, PMS and so on ^^

Characters and tutorials
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All of the options from previous tier and I’ll make personal tutorials about the programs I use and help with art ^^. (Personal help over discord is available if interested)

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All options in previous tiers and flat color headshot at the end of the month. 




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About Halopie

Hello my name is Halopie

Im an animator and artist and I am currently working freelance while reaplying for animation school. All patreons will be mentioned at the end of my videos ^^
All money will go to supporting me and my content, I tend to make original art and animations for my own stories and characters but also make fanart of the things that I love ^^

Tools I use:
- Wacom Intious m
- Paint Tool SAI
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe cc Animation 
- Obs studio (recording program)

Please consider supporting me,
thank you, see ya around ^^

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