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A pledge to me allows me to keep creating fun content.  Thank you!  A pledge to me allows me to create WhatYou8 Taste test videos again, live stream on Twitch and Facebook, and "Coffee and News with Hamby" my new weekday morning live stream on Facebook.  So thank you for allowing me to keep the conversation going.  I really appreciate it! 
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Thank you! With this Pledge you are now part of the HamSquad for life PLUS you now have EXCLUSIVE access to brand new WhatYou8 videos coming weekly April 2018!
Coffee and News with Hamby
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Hey!  Thank you!  For the cost of a cup of coffee a month, you are helping support me create Coffee and News with Hamby on Facebook each day.  For that, you can join the conversation!  You get access to my Discord and can ask questions during each days show. 
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Hi!  What are you doing here?  At the last Tier you already allow me to do all the fun stuff we create each day.  You want to help out more? I mean, I won't turn you down.  THANK YOU! 
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Whoa!  Seriously?!  This level of support allows me to travel to Conventions like Wonder Con, E3, San Diego Comic Con, Playstation Experience, Twitch Con and more!  This level of support is allowing me to Produce better content.  This level of Support you get Thank You's during all event coverage.
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Looking for 10 hungry HamSquad members.  Hungry for more content.  You love and support it all!  Let's make new memories #HamSquad4Life
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