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About Hamish Downie

Thank you for coming to my page!

You are probably a friend or a family member of mine, but if you've stumbled on this page accidentally and are nursing a bumped head and wondering where you are, let me tell you where here is.

I'm Hamish Downie. I'm an Australian writer and filmmaker based in Osaka, Japan. I co-directed the “Never Let You Down” music video for Robyn Loau (she’s an Australian Pop and World Music artist) in 2011. And more recently wrote and produced the multi-award winning short film, “An American Piano”, which was officially selected for TIFF Kids 2015 (that’s a really famous festival) and screened at the Festival de Cannes (another really famous festival).

And now, I'm releasing “Mirai” is my first manga.

This is BIG for me. Making Anime was why I came to Japan, and now, with your amazing help, together, we can do it (well create a comic book)!

This is an independent release, so that means I paid for everything myself. I don’t have a deep-pocketed publisher helping me. It’s just you and me. So, if you are excited for the first (and next) issues, please tell your friends about the manga, and pretty please consider supporting me here on Patreon.

There’ll be loads of behind the scenes content, and a lovely community of people.

I've chosen per creation, as I'm not sure if or when I'll be able to afford to produce the second issue, so at a maximum, I'll be posting paid content once a month.

Thanks again! I’ve already written ten issues (and have plans for 100) so, I hope you are as excited about issue 2 as I am (it’s a good one)!

Drop me a line [email protected]
Facebook @hamishdowniewriter
Instagram @hamishdowniewritier
Twitter @hamishdownie

Cheers from Osaka Japan :)
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