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+ 尽きることのない皆さんへの感謝の気持ち m(_)m

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About Hana English

Hana EnglishのPatreon・パトロン ページにお越しいただきありがとうございます!
これから皆さんとより充実したHana Englishをつくりあげる仲間として、信頼できる関係を築けることを願っています。




2017年よりYouTubeでHana Englishとして「英文法解説・発音・フレーズ・文化」など英語関連の動画をシェアしています。動画を配信して以来、皆さんからの反響の大きさに驚くとともに、頑張って英語学習をしている皆さんにより貢献したいという思いが日々さらに増しています。








毎週新しい動画を1本をHana English YouTubeチャンネルでシェアしています。これらの多くはフレーズ集、文法解説または学習方法についてです。パトロン会員になっていただいた皆さんには以下のメリットがあります:


より良い動画コンテンツは英語上達の鍵だと考えています。パトロンになっていただくことはHana English を真剣に考えてくださっている証でもあり、動画の話題を選択する際に、パトロン会員専用ページでの定期的なアンケートや投票などでの皆さんのご意見を作品に反映させます。




Hana Englishは皆さんのあたたかい支えがあってこそです。いつも皆さんからの心あたたまるコメントに励まされており、心より感謝しています。今後も今まで通り、皆さんの英語学習に役立つ動画を届けていきます。

Welcome to my Patreon community. This place is for anyone who would like to support what I’m doing and I'm beyond excited to connect with you on a deeper level!

Who am I?

My name is Haruna and I started teaching English as a part-time job while I was an undergraduate student. Since then, I have taught many students both online, in class and privately. I currently work at a language school renowned for its quality and excellence across the world, as a CELTA certified English teacher.
I've been creating English learning content on YouTube since 2017 and I’m thrilled to bits by the great engagement and positive feedback from viewers. I absolutely love developing my Hana English YouTube channel on the weekend and any other free time I have.

What is Patreon?

Patreon allows you to financially support creators with their passion projects. In my case, it's English lesson videos for Japanese English learners. Your generosity makes the creative process economically sustainable long-term. I would greatly appreciate if you could consider supporting my valuable work with even a dollar (US$) a month.

Why I need your help

I have been blessed with so many positive comments that have motivated me to make Hana English even better. I’d like to be more efficient and more frequent with my uploads and for that, I would love your support.
It’s currently challenging to balance personal and professional commitments on top of keeping up with all channel duties, such as commenting, resourcing, brainstorming, methodology to convey complex topics simply, filming, editing and sharing on different platforms.
As much as I love every bit of the creating process, the "running costs" are inevitable. Every video needs tools, equipment and services such as licensed music, images and effects, which I need to meet the expenses of in order to include them in my videos legally.

Where your money goes

Your support allows me to focus on making the most valuable content for you.
I’d like to be able to produce higher-quality videos and for that, I need suitable audio and video equipment, as well as lights and studio setup.
It will also help me hire film editors which will optimise my time towards training and dedicate more time to the creation of content for the videos.
Every dollar is appreciated and these funds will help continue the production of more valuable videos.

How you benefit

I publish 1 valuable English lesson video per week to the Hana English YouTube channel. They consist of useful phrases, grammar points or study tips. By becoming my patron, you'll have the power to gain:

1) Greater Variety of Topics

Better video content is key to achieving your English learning goals. Becoming a patron gives your opinions more credibility on what topics you'd like me to cover through my regular posts, polls and user submissions.

2) Frequently Published Videos

I believe each video is a valuable English study content. The more relevant content I can create efficiently, the more I can deliver to you consistently, creating more learning opportunities for you to better understand English.

I will continue to make videos for the Hana English YouTube channel for free that I hope will help you with your English learning. Your positive feedback and comments are the best rewards for my efforts and I cannot thank you all enough.
I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY PERSON for your love and support. Every little bit helps and none of this would ever be possible without you.
Lots of love, Haruna xx

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