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My name is Zachary Lamar, and I stream on twitch, play the guitar, play games, and etc. Usually  when I stream on twitch I stream my art work, but sometimes I stream me playing the guitar, or playing games. When I draw I mostly draw the characters I made up, my main character's name is Handkombat. I have a youtube channel, and I even have my own website which you can check out at bit.ly/handkombat , but the main reason I'm making a pateon is so I can give my fans a little more content then the rest, and so I can get money to buy more equipment. Thank you!
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The reason I'm setting this goal up is to buy a new streaming webcam to get better fps, and quality. The webcam I'll be getting if the goal is hit is the Logitech c920 webcam. Which I'll use to stream on twich and to make more videos.
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