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About Hannah Chism

♡ about me ♡

My name is Hannah and I’m studying Design Technology and Musical Theatre! I decided to start a Patreon because I want to share my developments with everyone, while being able to support myself during school. I’ve always loved creating, but recently found my niche in minimalistic, digital art. I want to show the world that joy is in all sorts of little things!

if it means anything to you I am a...
  • hufflepuff
  • enfp
  • air nomad
  • minimalist

♡ faq ♡

What is this website?
  • Patreon is a subscription based way to share art. Instead of paying per work, patrons pay a set amount per month and receive a bunch of art and exclusive things too!

so I subscribed, now what?
  • now you receive content based on your subscription!
  • All of the art you have access to is high resolution, so they work great as printables, cards to mail to friends, and phone lock screens! 

why should I follow you here, versus just on facebook or buying art when I need it?
  • by being a patron of mine, you are helping receive a slightly consistent income. It’s tough when one sells art because once you sell it....that’s it. It’s only one payment and is hard to maintain the creative process that way. Patreon is designed to be sustainable and fair to the artists.
  • Patreon doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of money from me. Some sites like Etsy and Deviant Art barely leave any money to the artist, or charge per listing. Etsy and facebook also don’t lend themselves to digital art as much as here. 

♡ also ♡

If you look to the left you can see different levels of patronship! Check them out to decide how much ramen I will be able to eat a month. 

My current goal is to get 10 patrons! You can also read more about that on the left too.

Here’s a free giraffe: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18151372
I love you 

0 of 10 patrons
When I reach 10 supporters I will start releasing at least 5 images a week! 
I will also pick a random patron to recieve a custom piece  ♡
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