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These are non-canon episodes that range from our first session as a group ever to a couple sessions where we were shorthanded so Dave ran a small side module. We also had a night where 4 of us did a few hours of the Mines of Madness with new level 3 toons.

*Food breaks are still edited out. I mean, really? Do you want to hear us eating pizza in another room that badly?

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Greetings and salutations!

Thank you so much for taking time to visit the Hapless Heroes Patreon page. We are, as you may already know, an actual-play D&D 5th edition podcast set in the fictional world of Telduria. We have been playing as a group since the summer of 2016 and we were having so much fun in our game that we decided to turn it into a podcast and share it with you, the people of the internet. We do this all for fun and love that we can take our sessions and broadcast them for anyone to hear.

The costs of producing, hosting, and managing a podcast are nothing to sneeze at. Our hosting costs alone are the single biggest recurring expense but we've also spent a pretty penny over the last couple years on better microphones and recording equipment to make the show what it is today. We've been happy to pay a lot of this out of pocket but the contributions we have received from a few of our long-time patrons has gone a long way in softening the blow and we deeply, deeply appreciate it.

We want to make sure we share our love and appreciation for our fans by coming up with some fun and unique rewards that we will continue to add to over time. Take a look and we greatly appreciate donations at absolutely any amount or frequency. Every penny we earn is going to go right back into making this show even better.

Thanks so much!

-The Hapless Heroes
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At this stage, we'll be able to start putting money away to move our recordings from Francesco's dining room to a rented studio space.
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