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About HappilyLove

Hi Gorgeous!

We're so happy you found our Patron page. We use our Patron page to connect with our readers in an interactive and fun way. Here you'll find cool ways to become involved in romance stories from picking a character's name, to collectively plotting a storyline within the Patron thread. You get to see how we go from playful collaboration to a published paperback and kindle book! 

The best way to start a relationship with us is to pick a tier and claim your spot as a HappilyLove Patron. You can do this one time, or participate monthly like a subscription. Our first tier starts at only $1, and we really hope you enjoy the fun throughout the month.

Next, we've got a pretty cute little e-book called "Sparkle Vibe". In it, you get introduced to our Happily Love Tribe and '5 Tips To Feel Happier, More Loved, Deserving, And Rewarded For Being Your Authentic Self.' Our favorite part is at the end because it comes with a FREE make-up brush - you just cover shipping and handling! Get yours HERE.

HappilyLove books are on the way to being available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. We write for women who like a quick romance read with a happy ending :) We also have an Elite Book Launch Team for those interested in helping us get our Jasmine Brooke books out into the world. The Elite Book Launch Team is a unique experience for many reasons. First, applicants are handpicked by Jasmine Brooke. Second, it's a real behind the scenes look at marketing and what it takes to make a book successful. Team members can expect 1-4 FREE romance reads each month. We are looking for individuals who are excited about Jasmine Brooke books, and who love what we're doing at HappilyLove. If that sounds like you, learn more by clicking HERE.

Want to get in touch? Say hello to us on facebook and let us know you were here by posting #happilylovefan, or if you claimed your spot -- #happilylovepatron :) You can also reach us by email at [email protected]

We'd love to hear from you.

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When HappilyLove reaches $2500 per month, we'll produce regular video content on a "HappilyLove" channel. Our first episode will feature a real life Butler from our "Ordering Butler" Jasmine Brooke series. As our thank you for your contributions, our Patrons get to pick his name, his character strengths/flaws, and phrases for him to say. We'll even hold a contest in the Patron thread to build the best plot line. Let's do this!
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