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Happy Birthtime Magazine has been publishing highly accurate celebrity Birthtime news and facts and information facts for many years, since 2013! We are especially popular on the social sentence-sharing website machine Tweeter, where people can see the latest up to the date and factual and accurate Birthtime messages to celebrities every day! Even ones that don't deserve it sometimes!

For some reason obviously, Happy Birthtime has been very popular on Tweeter! We even tried to get a Happy Birthtime book published! But we failed! Oh well! Keep trying! That's what our editor always says! So we are keep trying! 

We have come on to the Patronus website to bring you a digital version of Happy Birthtime Magazine! If you subscribe, you will get every latest issue of our magazine delivered straight into your eyes through the television on your phone or computer! This means more than just the amazing sentences you get on Tweeter! You will get whole paragraphs of Birthtime news, celebrity gossip and fun, along with painstaking accurate photos and facts!

If you love Birthtimes as much as we love Birthtimes, read Happy Birthtime Magazine! It will make you love Birthtimes!


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