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About Happy

I started YouTube almost 2 years ago with the sole intent of bringing a positive face to the gaming community.  In my experience with the gaming community in the past, I've seen everything from a slightly negative, underhanded comment, to an all out spitting war.  I just want to be a smiling face that people, especially those in the gaming community, can look forward to seeing every day; a face that those who need encouragement and positive reinforcement can rely on.

After trying to grow my YouTube channel for a little over a year, I started to realize that I could no longer support it as a significant part of my life.  I am a husband, a pastor, I own a coffee business, and I'm going to school, so doing YouTube every day in an attempt to grow the channel into a significant source of income was unrealistic.  I had to leave time for the other areas of my life that require a lot of the attention I was giving YouTube.

As soon as I quit YouTube, I was bombarded with comments, messages, and e-mails from people telling me how much of an inspiration and encouragement my videos had been to them and how much they missed them.  I was so overwhelmed by the things they were saying that I had to find a way to come back to YouTube and once again do what I loved.

Now, 4 months later, I've come back to YouTube with intent to make videos whenever my life allows it, never pushing myself too far.  That is why I made a Patreon.  If I can get enough support to make up for the time I would be giving to YouTube and my YouTube community, I may be able to do this full time.

Doing YouTube for me has never been about the money, but about changing hearts and lives.  At the same time, with all of my responsibilities in life, I can't afford to give too much time to things that don't produce fruit for me and my family.  I don't desire to keep money for myself.  That's not my heart.  Every bit of money that comes to me just goes right through me and pours out onto those around me.

Help me to accomplish this goal and change the environment!

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When I reach $500 per month, I'll be able to upload more often and I'll hold a special Google hangout session with all of my patrons!
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