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Wonders of Gratitude
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Gratitude is a miraculous little thing. It can be so small and simple to show—and yet its consequences can be enormous. 

“By appreciating the gifts of the moment, gratitude frees us from past regrets and future anxieties. By cultivating gratefulness, we are freed from envy over what we don’t have or who we are not. It doesn’t make life perfect, but with gratitude comes the realization that right now, in this moment, we have enough, we are enough,” 

Learn more about gratitude and feel the difference !!

Minutes to Moments
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The best things in life are not things, they are moments.

But those moments are becoming increasingly rare in today’s life.

And why is it so?

• We’re busy, very busy

• We’ve turned cynical in life, probably for good reason

• Our relationships with others are not, what it was supposed to be

• Our priorities in life are have taken a backseat over someone else’s 

• What we wanted to really to do has been on the backburner since ages

This constant state of stress and internal conflict is the reality of today’s life.

No wonder we’re unhappy

But is this how we envisioned our life to be? Can we achieve a better life? 

Yes We Can

If you improve one component of your life, all others improve as well.

It’s all about trying to find that balance.

 So, how about situations where

• You just don’t know how to prioritize, but also know what to prioritize

• Your relationship with others flourishes in even better ways.

• Your bond with your spouse and children grows even stronger

• You are much more satisfied with your work

• You find a way to lead a much more meaningful life

“Minutes to Moments” is an endeavour to make your life happier. We welcome you to begin your journey of creating wonderful memories and beautiful moments more often.

So, what are you waiting for

Make your heart smile :)

Moments of Happiness
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Happiness is fleeting. It’s that line on the heart monitor that ascends to the highest peak but falls just as easily, if not sooner. It’s that spike in your blood sugar level after an unlawful amount of chocolate. It’s the deluded caffeine high after one too many cups of black coffee. It’s transitory and it’s short-lived. It will pass soon, and when it does, it will hurt. 

Why is it that happiness is fleeting? How could it be that you feel great in the morning yet that contentedness fades away by the evening? If I would ask you about your happiest time during the last month your mind will probably wander to an event or a period of time where you felt good, experienced great pleasure and were filled with positive emotions. The association of happiness with joy is a natural one, and yet happiness consists of much more than these positive feelings. 

What’s more and how can you achieve happiness that is not fleeting !!

That’s what you will know, in “Moments of Happiness”.

So, come join Samar on his journey of finding happiness and find yours.



About Saurin Gandhi

Happiness is what we all seek, but few find it and even fewer find lasting happiness.

The E-Learning courses by Happy Peaks is an endeavor to touch upon the simpler aspects of lives and remember what we've always known but forgotten. There's something in it for everyone, it's a one of a kind course where kids and adults learn together. The courses are in the form of a story, then there's music, there are scenarios, there's animation and much more.

We have three courses currently, the wonders of gratitude, minutes to moments and moments of happiness each with an access for 30 days. Here's what is special about all of it, it takes you back to your childhood.

So, what are you waiting for, let's embark on this journey of happiness together.
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