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NEW? Start Here - Statement Nov 20 2018

From January 1st 2019 all the money collected here will be donated to entrepreneurs and deserving individuals on my travels. That's right I'm giving away 100% every month.

Exactly who these people will be and how I shall find them, only time will tell. But rest assured I will feature every give away on my Youtube channel. If there is no giveaway one month, it will be saved for the following month's double up giveaway..

Jan: $400 for Indian Hairdresser - youtu.be/lt1YZDehG2M
Feb: $600 for Indian Family - youtu.be/kGmfnmRzNIU
Mar: $800 for Filipino Father - youtu.be/nDAi8N50FOk
Apr: $600 for Filipino Family - youtu.be/Qm3qkT29yC0
May: $600 for Sri Lankan Taxi - youtu.be/BCWj2KeUDmQ
Jun: $1100 for Sri Lanka Teaman - youtu.be/vtEFKBdPCH4
Jul: $1100 for Italian Entrepreneur - youtu.be/qhgBvLRQ3Sc
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