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Even giving just $1 a month is more than most subscribers will do. By joining this tier you gain access to the official Hardleg Discord and join a small group of influential fans who help make the channel great.

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A slightly higher tier for people who are slightly more invested in the channel. At this tier you get behind-the-scenes goodies and extras including:

  • Weekly updates showing the state of the channel and giving a preview of upcoming content.
  • Downloads for all the custom art assets and music I produce for for my various shows.
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If you're nice enough to donate this much, you deserve an actual reward! At this tier you'll get:

  • The ability to claim two Yu-Gi-Oh cards from each month's unboxing, which I'll attempt to mail to you. (Mailing outside of the US is doable but not reliable)
  • The ability to submit ideas for, and vote on, a pair of monthly Patreon exclusive images; usually card sleeves or memes.




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About Hardleg Gaming

Greetings, and welcome to the official Patreon page of Hardleg Gaming!

If you're here and you're unfamiliar with Hardleg Gaming somehow, it's a YouTube channel that puts out Let's Plays and Yugioh related videos. You can find out more about it by checking it out at youtube.com/hardleggaming.

Regardless of if you're donating or not, thanks for taking the time to at least check out the page. :)

$1,767 of $2,000 per month
With this much money I'll finally be able to get out of my parent's cramped basement and move out on my own! 
With more room I'll be able to improve things in a variety of ways!
- Multiple monitors for better streaming & more effective workflow. 
- A separate unboxing table for pack openings
- I can hang up sound dampening foam for better audio quality.
- Possible green screen face-cam?
- Might even have room for rhythm games like Rock Band and/or Beat Saber.
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