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About HardWire

Welcome and thank you for checking out my page! 

Since my YouTube channel was demonetized in December 2018, Patreon and selling music on other platforms for people to use has become my top priority, as sadly YouTube has made it clear to myself and many others that they no longer support smaller content creators. As such, i've moved my focus now almost entirely from the Doctor Who theme, which is of course an IP I do not have rights over, to my own creations. This was always my plan, so I should probably thank YouTube for forcing me into doing so sooner than expected. If I am to survive, then it's clear I need to focus on creating material where I have 100% of the rights moving forward. Dr Who was great for giving me some reach, but it's no longer viable as a way to stay afloat.

Through Patreon you will be supporting my efforts to provide original music for content creators in their videos. In return, you get to hear exclusive mixes and download my tracks for free before they are distributed to stores like Spotify and iTunes. Higher tiers can use my music in their projects also!

As a side project I also regularly work on Star Trek animations that keep the original canon timeline alive. I am occasionally hired to do this, but also enjoy doing this in my spare time. 

Thank you so much for reading and I very much hope you consider becoming a patron! Your suppoort means the world to me.

All the best,
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When I reach $200 a month, I'll be able to buy the rights to regularly produce more cover song licences, and create better content overall.
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