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My service to you is this Patreon page, I can't guarantee how much I'll post on here, or the quality of those posts.

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About Matt Smith

I like...doing stuff.

Software, writing, music, blog posts, political commentary, reviews, videos, photography, graphics design, podcasts, social welfare projects, public speaking, acting, dancing... The list goes on.

I'm a human being with a LOT of projects, and I'd really like to keep doing all of these projects.
Curiosity and passion fuels my very being. Unfortunately, it can't fuel everything.

The crucial catalyst in this creative explosion, that allows me to create & thrive as a human being in our modern capitalistic age, is money.

Do you like me and what I'm doing with my life? Do you want to see more of it? Be involved in helping me develop my projects, give feedback, and maybe be inspired yourself to pursue your own projects?
Well, that's completely free. You can follow me on Twitter @Harmelodic.

Do you want to give me money to help me fund and pursue these projects with greater conviction and vivacity?
First off, that is incredibly kind of you. Thank you so much.
Second, you can do that through this Patreon page.

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