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All of my patrons get access to my patreon feed, which will include: 

+ Sketches & WIPs (including sketches/development of personal projects)

+ Step-by-steps of bigger pieces

+ Seeing finished work I don't post elsewhere (e.g. commissions that I don't post)

+ Every patron can submit an idea to the monthly request pool - of which I will pick one or two from each month to draw. 

And, of course, my gratitude! 




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About Harper


Welcome to my Patreon page, thanks for visiting! I'm Harper, and I'm an amateur digital artist who enjoys creating and exploring characters and stories through art, with a penchant for fantasy and sci-fi genres! One day I'm hoping to pursue the creation of my own graphic novels and writing, and always looking to develop and grow my artistic style. 

I'm still in education, so this patreon is mostly to help me out with paying for university whilst being able to give back to the community!! All my patrons will have access to my patreon feed, which will include things such as WIPs, doodles, and step-by-step process. For the moment, this is the only tier I have, but in the future I'd like to look into adding more ~ 

Thank you so so much to anyone who pledges!!
~ Harper

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