Harry Glynn

is creating solutions to help people conquer stress, anxiety, and depression




Stress, anxiety, and depression are far too common and pervasive in our modern society.

It is something almost everyone experiences in some form, and our society is only now starting to discuss what a detrimental impact these issues have on our lives. With modern technology and increased expectations, our lives are filled with ever increasing self-esteem eroding stimuli in our environments and they are leaving us on edge and insecure. I fundamentally believe that this is a solvable problem and I believe I can not only contribute to giving people a greater understanding of these processes, but actually provide actionable methods, tools, and frameworks to help people overcome these problems. 

It is my goal to be able to help others overcome problems with self-esteem and anxiety so they can go through life feeling at peace and ease so they can go on to fulfill the vast potential that we all have within us. I could think of no goal more worthy than trying to build up my fellow human beings and help them feel good about themselves. 

In supporting me to achieve this goal, you will be directly supporting all of the people that my writing will help. I hope to have a large impact on individual people themselves, and in turn, society as a whole. 

Lots of love and thanks,

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