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Hello everyone, name’s Haruka Erizawa, which incidentally is going to be my new pen name in all of my stories from this day forward.

Ever since around 2006 or 2007, I’ve been fostering a fondness for the entire process of writing stories when I first started writing random segments and exerts inspired by video games or TV shows I played/watched as a child. However my first foray into ‘professional’ stories that I’ve posted onto the internet was my, honestly horrible by my standards now, very first fanfiction story: Code Aincrad which is a crossover of Sword Art Online and Code Lyoko posted back in April of 2013. If you compare that cluttered mess of a story compared to my content in Code Divinity or the later parts of Code Neptunia, which I consider some of my best works so far, the leap in quality is very noticeable especially since I haven’t had the ability to attend creative writing classes. Everything I’ve learned about writing has been self-taught through experience being an author of sorts. Writing fiction like this has become a strong passion of mine which I want to continue doing during my life. Unfortunately, even though this is a passion of mine, I am in a position where continuing writing the level of quality I am driven to seek, which is steadily rising, is becoming a hurdle that I am struggling to meet. As it stands, because of time restraints, because of how I'm driven to focus on making each chapter as high quality as I can in addition to all the various things I have to research for each chapter's contents, it can easily take me weeks just to get a 10,000 word chapter released to where I deem acceptable.

And that’s why I've decided to create this Patreon. An unfortunate fact of life is that there are only so many hours in a day and I have to commit so much toward my job since it's giving me what I need to survive on a daily basis. If I can begin making money from this platform, you'll be allowing me to invest into making my production schedule faster and in turn allow me to release content faster. Although meeting my milestones are pre-determined goals which would go toward full activity, even if I'm making a single dollar a month and people who like my work are willing to share my work and this Patreon's existence, I would work on my projects as much as I am able with the time I have available.

While I would still have every intention of keeping this particular job in retail since I happen to genuinely enjoy it so far, in addition to it being a safety net, the more money I’m able to make here, the more attention I’ll commit to my works, and if I make enough, I will make my writing my full-time job. While I've made most of my stories out of fanfiction, I do have legitimate original content that I have been working on for quite a long time, and have every intention of beginning to publish original web novels. The fact is that if it’s just a hobby, I’ll work on this whenever I can but real life has to come first, but if I’m able to make an income off this, I’ll work on it to the utmost of my ability, and I’ve noticed that if I’m able to make a living off something, I tend to work at a rather fast speed so I know I could make content far faster than I do at the current time.

To those that want see my stories, refer to the two links below:

My fanfiction account
My AO3 account
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This milestone will be dedicated to me overhauling what I have learned of writing I've self-taught myself for the last few years by subscribing to a premium membership at Skillshare and taking actual writing classes to improve my strengths and work on fields I'm not proficient with; e.g: Fight scenes and descriptions.
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