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Please let me tell you something about haskap berry.

It's the hardiest plant on the planet probably. It can survive the most coldest cold. Like, - 57 Celsius degrees. It grows natively where is the coldest. Siberia, northern Canada, Hokkaido island. And it also grows in Vukomeric, a tiny place where where we have continental climate with bouts of mediterranean influence. 

We also have a sustainable home there and you can always book your stay at our sustainable estate. Some of the electric power we get from sun using solar panels, water heating through solar heater and our own water well with filtration system. 

But haskap plants are my love. They are healthy to eat and are so heavenly blue and tasty.

I create awesome extracts, jellies, drinks and talk sweetely to haskaps. They are tasty, exotic and healthy! That's why I'm here.

At the moment I want to keep my passion alive.
You can join me on my journey supporting the work I do by being my Patron.

For you, I will create unique products that's only for you and tell you more about my philosophy, how I care about nature and the way I do things in sustainable way. And of course, offer discounts and more info about why should you eat haskap or visit us.

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