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Yo Hateration Federation,

 Some of you know me for making people laugh and some of you know me for pissing people off on both Youtube and in the world of podcasting...most of you however, know me for both. Since 2009 it has been my aim to provide quality comedic content while also provoking alternative ways of thinking on a wide range of social issues. But due to a busy schedule as a voice actor and single father of 3 teenagers, my time has limited and the frequency of new Haterazzi material has suffered.
 I would love to continue providing the listeners/viewers with the same comedic entertainment in both podcasting and Youtube on a more regular weekly basis but to make this possible I need your help. With your contribution I can focus more time and energy into creating and expanding the Haterazzi experience. In addition it will enable me to continue production without corporate sponsorship. Instead, I will be able to offer FREE advertisement opportunities to other podcasts and small businesses with limited budgets.
 Please take a moment and glance at the few perks in the 'Rewards' section and see which level works for you. Either way I really appreciate your continued support and look forward to keeping you entertained. Thank you!!

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