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About HattwoodHotSauce

Man About 5' 10, Man about town, Man on a mission - a sauce mission.
Man with integrity and of his word, about time, about stirring up a saucepan.

Maker of Hot Sauce. Lot of people love it. It is demanding in time and energy and definitely worth doing for the joy it brings but needs a lot of work behind the scenes to keep going. People love the sauce - I love people, I love the sauce. It is something created with some inspirations from the great spirit of the Universe (whatever you think that is or call it in your universe), my Missus, Antigua, Brooklyn & my friends and supporters.

Without my friends this sauce wouldn't be, and you can be my friends to support me too.  But yeah the sauce is good and makes the world taste better. Not a bad thing to aspire to.

And the pitch - I love help, terrible at asking for it, you know middle child, quiet type syndrome. So yeah pitch in and make the world a better tasting place - saucier. It's something.

Reason for this pitch is that I need to mechanize and get a
Piston Depositor with a heated hopper to speed up the sauce fill process.
A label applicator
Updates & improve the production process.

$0 of $10,000 per Song, Cartoon or Video and getting Marketing assistance.
The sauce production needs to scale - right now I do EVERYTHING. I be the chef, cook and bottle washer et al. So need equipment like a Piston Depositor with a heated hopper, label applicator and all of that plus like to upgrade my production space. So even if I work flat out without scale it likely might wear me out ( me being only human after all) and then what... So help keep Hattwood in the Saucery biz thanks!
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