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Hi there! My name is Kate, or as most of you know me, I’m Haven. I’m a freelance editor, voice actor, and sometimes artist too! I am the lead editor for the Only Smiles youtube channel where we produce My Teen Romantic Parody SNAFU and Steins;Gate Abridged, with the occasional other videos sprinkled in there. As a freelancer it’s hard to make time to work on your own projects, but I have so many, including the ones on Only Smiles that I want to work on. That’s where you come in. Your patronage here means that I can have even a little bit more time in order to edit shows both on Only Smiles and my own original works too.
    Editing takes up the majority of my time, and I’ll admit that I seriously love to edit, but as it stands I spend way more time having to edit other people’s abridged series than I get to spend on the channels that I’m directly apart of. My goal is to be able to take just a few less commission based jobs so I can focus more on making the content that I want to be making for you! By donating to my patreon you’ll be helping contribute to taking the need for me to do other jobs and instead steer my focus on helping to produce shows like My Teen Romantic Parody SNAFU and Steins;Gate Abridged as well as focus more of my time and efforts into creating new original content as well.
    I want to be able to work more on many skills. I’ve been a writer for as long as I could pick up a pen. I write stories, abridged series, and poetry. I would love to be able to share all of that with you all here as well and give you a deeper look into everything that I do in the world of content creating. It’s thanks to people like you why my art has improved over the year, which is why some of my tier rewards are drawings, which typically I only would do as art commissions.
     I've recently created a story called Signs Of Reparation. This is one of those stories that I'm incredibly proud of and excited to tell. I've been writing it as a novel while also drawing it side by side as a comic so you can read it in whichever format you prefer. It follows the story of a hunter named Avery who is recruited by her friend to investigate the sudden disappearance of an entire forest. I have the first chapter in both written form available here and you can find the storyboard/outline sketches that I had done for the comic here.
I unfortunately cannot produce the comic portion of this story as I had intended to, however. If you compare how many pages the chapter took written versus drawn, the workload between the two is insane. 23 pages as a comic, 4 written. Maybe one day I'd like to commission an artist to help me out, or maybe I'll have the time to keep working on it myself and inevitably get better at drawing after that much practice. I think that would be a crazy cool dream of mine.

There’s so much to share with you all, and I can not exaggerate enough to say, that every single dollar counts towards the contribution of my growth as both a creator and person.Thank you so much for hanging out here. This is a journey I’m exceptionally exited to share with you all.
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