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About Rudy Basso and James Introcaso

Hello there!

Have Spellbook, Will Travel is a fully produced Fantasy-Comedy audiodrama about a group of mercenary adventurers trying to make their way in the world.  The stories, characters, and even some of the dialogue are all lifted directly from the Dungeons & Dragons games of the creators and writers, Rudy Basso and James Introcaso.

When we set out to make the show, we saw it as a means to hang out with our actor college friends and also create the kind of show we wanted to listen to.  We've now been in production for over a year, and we are so thrilled with both the quality of the show and the constant feedback we get from fans who enjoy it.  And while we would love to continue to make the show for as long as we can, the time and monetary investment is definitely beginning to take its toll on us.  What's more, our actors have spent many, many hours providing quality voice over work for free - we would absolutely love to reimburse them for their time.

Have Spellbook, Will Travel will always be a free show, and always be as awesome as we can make it.  For fans that are willing to throw a few buckareenos our way, though, we have a few fun bonuses to express our gratitude.  

Thanks for your time and contributions.

- Rudy and James
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At this point, our monthly software and hosting expenses will be covered.  HSWT will no longer be a costly hobby!
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